Early Childhood Intervention Services

Early Childhood Intervention Services LLC & PLLC (ECIS)

"Nurture their minds and they shal speak wisely"

E.C.I.S. (PLLC) is an agency that is comprised of licensed related service providers and teachers of students with disabilities. We provide speech evaluations, educational evaluations, speech & language therapy as well as special instruction to children of all ages.

Our goal is to help children reach their maximal potential within a least restrictive environment by facilitating, modeling and teaching them necessary skills for later in life. Teachers combine two delivery models (pull out and inclusion) which aid in providing children services within their natural environment . (classroom, home, daycare facility or separate location.) We want to encourage generalization of learned behaviors outside of therapy into real life situations for our children. We provide young children with the early learning experiences that will enable them to meet academic standards throughout elementary and secondary school. We help prepare children for life.

Teachers and related service providers have volunteered and worked as therapists for the last 10 years. ECIS has been providing Individualized SEIT and speech langauge services to children who are at risk and require immediate services in Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens.

E.C.I.S director and providers are experienced in providing service plans, implementing services and guaranteeing that children receive services as stated on students Individualized Education Plan.

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Early Childhood Intervention Services
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